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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  September 29, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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good afternoon, i'm dylan ratigan. today in the nation's job wars, the key battle that affects the life of every single americans, china, decisions in beijing shaping everything from prices at walmart to america's unemployment rate. why are so many u.s. companies, u.s. companies, putting their interests in china ahead of america's interests in jobs here at home? also, the white house reportedly taking political advice from michael dukakis. yes, that michael dukakis. we will mix it up on the democrats' plan, or lack there of, of the midterm elections. and the premier of follow
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the money. a special segment featuring our man on k street, registered lobbyist jimmy williams with an insiders a look at the secret and sometimes sordid business of buying secret influence in our government. the show starts right now. bosnia' fight our another day in the job wars, the president about to hold another one of his living room economic discussions, this the latest photo op presenting the "real housewives" of richmond, virginia, proceeded this morning by the real housewives of des moines, the president trying to show he is on top of the crisis. we have seen how he has actually dealt with it catering to bangsters, creating a mandate to biinto an unreformed insurance monopoly, escalating the war in afghanistan. unfortunately, republicans only seem to come one no plan or worse plans. isn't having special interests control your government fun? how the rest of us have to deal
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while those who buy our government feast. new census figures show more americans are delaying marriage to avoid the cost of the wedding. families downsizing and home owners are either stuck where they are because they owe more than their house is worth or they are without a roof at all because they have been foreclosed on. one in eight homes now sit vacant. one in seven americans now below the poverty line, while others who control the government reap the largest compensation any american has ever reaped in the form of all these various bonus and extractions among corporate executive and banksters. others, become to school, hoping that more -- being facilitated by our government, well that money is running out and the culture of investment in this country is virtually nonexistent. the money leaves this country and goes overseas. the latest casualties of the job wars in america, 85 job experts,
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ironically, in minnesota, they were hired using stimulus money to help other people find work. as of the next week, they, themselves, will be looking for a job. and one of those 85 is alan hill with the bloomington workforce center. alan, thanks for giving us a slice of your afternoon what advice would you give yourself? >> well, get out there, start networking and keep hopes high and activity high. push away from the computer. >> so what do you mean step away from the computer? >> well, 25% of jobs are found through a passive job search, through computer applications. 75% club find their job through who they know and how they connect with them. >> do you think that that is a meaningful -- do you see that in your counseling, there are a lot of folks that were spending too much time on the computer looking for work and not enough time out of the house taking action and relating to people? >> well, not only did i see it in my work at the workforce center but i experience it had personally before i got that
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job. that is one of the things i decided to change. i was originally laid off in 2007. >> and do you feel that that change from the internal search on the computer to the external search in the world was helpful, not only to you but was helpful to those to you were advising? >> absolutely. in fact, i have seen it make a huge, tremendous difference, not just in my job search but in the people that i worked. >> got it. >> once they got out and started applying value that is when they realized the change in their job search. >> and what is your sense, when you are dealing with folks that were looking for jobs, how often was it a sense where someone was unemployed because they either were lazy, not interested, not educated, not committed and how on the was it somebody who was committed, who was ambitious, who was educate bud was simply having a hard time connecting the dots, so to speak? >> i have probably worked, i
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estimated probably about 3,000 people in my year at the workforce center. and i can tell you not one of them was lazy. all of them were just -- they are unaware of how to do the job search in today's down economy and that's really what i did i helped them understand that it is a seller's market, not a buyer's market. >> what does that mean? the other end? >> well, now the employer has the control. so just like in the housing economy, the people who are buying the house are the ones that dictate the price and terms. that's the same way with the employers. today, they dictate the terms. you have to understand what it is that they need and talk to them on their level. >> what if what they need is somebody who will take 18 centance hour making iphones for 18 hours day in china? >> well, you know, my personal advice would be to avoid those folks but i'm actually experienced that. what i have experienced is that employers are pressed for time and they don't really understand the value that employees can bring it is up to employees to
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understand what value they brought and what they can bring for their new employer and translate that for them. >> alan, stay with me, you can simply not fight the job wars without acknowledging one of the biggest elephants in the room, that is our failure to deal with the true barrier to job creation in this country, a destructive economic relationship with china. let's break it down. think about our relationship with china like a bad marriage, except in this care instead of the kids, we are hurting nearly a quarter of the worlders a population. china, home to 1.3 billion people and growing. and guess what they have got to find something to do with all those people. and what better job than making a bunch of worthless junk for americans? but why would we do that to ourselves? here's where the plot takes a rather ugly turn. sadly there are plenty of folks right here in our own country who want to keep must this bad marriage. for one, the u.s. chamber of commerce, coca-cola, exxonmobil
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and hewlett packard, some of the biggest american companies to go global, shipping their money and our jobs to china. so-called american companies, whose interest appear more aligned with china than the rest of us. that's no way to treat your significant other. it would seem it is time for some marriage counseling. here is what fixing this bad relationship could do for us it would bring back 20 million u.s. jobs, enough to brung the unemployment rate down to 3.6%, help erase a trade deficit projected to top $200 billion by the end of the year and stop some of the billions flowing into washington from those who want to keep the status quo at the america's expense. congress trying to start this through hr 2378, a bill that would make our marriage more equal partnership by trying to stop china from cheating on its currency, which boils down to us paying more for their goods and china paying less for ours. now we wait and see who wins this one, the special interests or ours. peter navarro understands this
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issue all too well, tackle it had head-nona piece that ran recently in the "los angeles times," also wrote the book "the seeds of destruction, why the path to economic ruin runs through wall street washington and how to reclaim american prosperity," peter nice to see you. what is the most rational way to respond to this, not from our government, who is obviously bought off by multination ast long china and short america but as americans? >> well, first of all, dylan, i think the rational thing to do is for our policymakers to convince china that trade reform is in china's interest as well. the currency question i think is a classic case of that. if china were to strengthen their currency and allow it to be a fair value they can would pay less for their energy, pay less for their raw materials for their manufacturing machine. most importantly they can put purchasing power in the hands of
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their own connsumers and grow their own economy rather than being export dependent, and so in their own interest. that is not where we are at. we are at a -- we are in a world where american corporations and some of the american media basically say that this is protectionist, if we are going to let china do currency reform and shouldn't do it but we have to understand, dylan, as you pointed out very correctly, that american businesses who have offshored our industries and our jobs one by one now have their interests more aligned with the dragon than uncle sachlt. >> so when companies like ge, parent of this had network, caterpillar, incredibly robust american brands what could be more american than a giant tractor or a bulldozer that the ceos of those companies are sending money and lobbying or companies like those at the very least, are lobbying to keep the rigged trade in place and to
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perpetuate the propaganda that protecting yourself from a bully who is punching you in the face makes you a bad person? . >> in the book we lay out the structural problem rather than the short-term cyclical problem that the administration seems to be fighting. you know, dylan there are only four things that move an economy it is consumption and government spending, we have been doing too much of that and that is unsustainable and then there's also business investment and exports. and both of those thing, we have been doing too little of. they are the primary sources of job creation. so what i would say to american business defending china is that it's not in the best interests of this country to engage in such lobbying techniques. after all, if our retailer like walmart defending currency reform 'cause you want cheaper prices there, what are you going
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to do when people come in and don't have jobs and can't buy your stuff over time? and that's where we are at now you can the gentleman you had from minnesota, what a -- what a comic irony that we need a fiscal stimulus to hire a guy to guide people to find jobs then he gets laid off and there's no jobs anyway? come on. >> alan, he is still with us. do you feel that way when you look at this whole narrative of your own recent career, alan? >> well, obviously, life is irony, but the truth of the matter is that there are things i can't control, like a global economy, but i can control the things that i can control, which is how i get up and spend my day. i do spend it looking for work on a computer or spend it talking to people who might have a node for what i do? >> and peter, he makes a hell of a point, how do you reconcile the easy frustration and feeling of power itsness when you learn that the most powerful american corporations are the -- are the biggest barrier to trade reform
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with china and at the same time, it is the corrupt trade practices advocated by american corporations who pay off our own politicians that are preventing americans from attracting the investment and having jobs? >> dillon, i have been accused at times of chin nah bashing but not bashing if it's true and one of the things i think alan and me and you every morning we got to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, you know, we are part of a political process as well as an economic system. i write books like "the coming china wars" and "seeds of destruction" to put power in the happeneds of the people through information. if we can explain, really find the introduction of, this the video clip with the narrative, that was beautiful, dylan. if we can get every american to watch that kind of stuff that would filter through to a congress which, let's face it hasn't done anything for six years now on the currency question and ten years on the broader issues of trade reform and it is a joke.
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guys like sandy levin in michigan has seen his state basically go down the toilet, a very powerful person on the hill but does nothing when it comes to issues like trade reform. the best jobs program right now is trade reform with china. dylan, 85% of our trade deficit and goods is with oil and china, 45% with china. >> i know. >> if you take oil out, it's 75% to that have deficit and every time we run a trade deficit, dylan, we shave points off the gdp growth rate, lost 10 million jobs the past decade and failed to create another 10 million, 290 you got in your very fine piece. >> peter, thank you very much. alan, thank you for sharing. >> good to talk to you, dylan. peter, thank you, the book, "seeds of destruction." coming up here on the dylan ratigan show, who are you going to call when you need political advice, somebody who is a winner or somebody who is a loser?
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obama went with michael dukakis. we will talk about his visit to the white house, his thoughts on what the democrats should do in this election cycle. dave weigle, josh marshall talking politics and the chasm between both parties and this country, after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. with new bayer am. boss: and now i'll turn it over gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance.
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time to mix it up some, of the day's headlines, voice from the past offering advice on this year's elections and a new poll reveals america's most popular politician, like reminiscing to your college 4jright, michael d
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the failed '88 presidential candidate, immortalized on top of a tank. boston globe says he visited the white house, offered advice, says they want to go become to policies that led to the great recession. republicans telling voters that the democrats stink. that is what the president has saying effectively. backyard meeting and greeting meetings to change the perception that the white house is out of touch.
4:19 pm
josh, michael dukakis, an easy way for a man like myself to take a cheap shot or taking advice from man in the tank hat who lost? >> i think the first option. a million people coming through the white house giving advice, this probably not the message they want to put out. >> forget dukakis is that even a fair characterization that the message from the white house is you may not be happy with us, but you don't want to go back to them? >> i think, yeah, i think that is a lot of their message and i think that given that -- given what happened in the 2008 election, i think given what -- the kinds of policies that republicans are pushing for it is not a bad message if you can get it over the din but i think that, you know, elections take on a life of their own and kind of coming to it a little late, i don't know how well it is going to do. that is their message, the other guys are terrible, other guys suck. >> two parties where the other
4:20 pm
guy sucks, it is always us and them there is no us. there is no bridge building. there is always moats a what the point are both parties out of luck? you go down this road time and time again. ross perot, a full-on crack pot nearly bim the president of the united states. and that was long before we got to this level of dissatisfaction. >> that is right. 18%, leading the polls at points. the nbc poll that came out this week i think indicates that people, unlike 1994 when they liked the republicans about to vote for them they don't like any of these guess. i guess we all want to move on from mike dukakis, the point he is making is that he feels deja vu, not these giving advice to the white house, he feels this is another situation where it should be on be veryious that things are terrible it is both these guys' fault, maybe the democrats have a better argument, just the election is going to be turning on the president's look of emotion perhaps instead of economic indicators. i think let's stop joking about the guy for main, that is
4:21 pm
frustrating for everyone. the candidates most emotional without providing solutions, democrat and republican, the ones that get the attention, surging. look what they are saying. not clear what they will do to fix this stuff. they are literally just running out, not unlike myself during the bank reform debit 18 months ago, i fell like aid number of solutions that they didn't -- i'm a cable host, who cares. the point is channeling emotion can be effective and certainly gratifying for the crowd and for the audience and for the politician, doesn't solve the country's problems but then again, neither does six major industries controlling all the politicians in this country. >> i think you have got -- this is like a johnstown flood coming down the valley and the economy is inner terrible shape. you see is probably going to wash the democrats probably out of the house. >> accept that for a second. not because we think the republicans are any better it is going to happen. >> what you seeker as dave says, the republicans are less popular than the democrats, they are just -- the nature of how the wave is pushing everybody
4:22 pm
forward. what i think and i imagine there are a lot of republicans right now how think would actually prefer that they weren't going to do this well, because coming in january, they are going to on the whole thing for the next two years and the '94, '96 example sort of says that is not a great place for an opposition party to be, as long as the president has the veto pen and work that angle. we are going to see next year go back to -- >> which policies do you like? >> do you accept that premise? >> i accept it and you see the way republicans don't like to talk about paul rand's road map, for example, they eventually did get pinned down on an agenda but don't like to talk about promises and how many jobs they are going to create the way democrats did when they came in because they know they are not going to be able to do anything much. >> national tv, led this with the fact that u.s. multinational corporations are spending vast
4:23 pm
amounts of money with democratic and republican politicians to ensure we don't protect ourselves from an abuse sive relationship with china. now, china has very strong reasons for why they want to be able to try to out -- accept our demand for job creation, who wants a civil war? they have got a billion three people, all these young men. you cannot blame the chinese government for saying, men, we have got to work for these people. got american corporations saying we will give them a job as long as you can pay them 30 creptance hour to make an iphone and i pay off american politicians to perpetuate it that is not one political party or another that is a structural decision, you are referring to -- peter navarro referring to the structural aspect of this. what is the boiling point with the refusal for either party to engage with the insurance monopoly in the giant banking system, with the trade? those are the issues. >> what i think it is going to come down to one of the segments before your show had was talking about the new normal and howl it is going to last, like that
4:24 pm
woman who asked obama is this my new normal and one of the people on the msnbc show was saying seven or eight years. i don't think american people are ready for seven or eight years of this i think a lot of what you are seeing in this discontent with the democrat is like, hey, we gave you 18 months, why respect we back to those fat paychecks and constantly, you know, rising stock market. >> you think it is that or the correct on eggs that we put you in there and instead of dealing with the insurance monopoly, instead of dealing with the banking system, instead of address china, you -- >> i think as long as -- >> you did a little shimmy said, listen could have been worse. could have been worse. >> if the leak tore rat goes in with the assumption that a new party can make everything work again, that you don't have a lot of incentive to look deeper into the structural causes of what is going on. if you get a sense that, wait a second, these guys didn't fix it, maybe in 2012, republicans
4:25 pm
didn't fix it either, i think you get shall. >> coal mine. a deeper look at what is going on. >> not a lot of specificity coming out, republicans on this what you were just talking about, how long it could last. nbc poll, most people think the economy lymph prove soon. >> work at cnbc for 15 years, i will tell you, every poll, market survey, every analyst, every human being believes six months from now it will be better. >> that is not what is happening. >> no. >> structural things you are talking about, no the that popular. democrats tried to deal with structural things did they screw them up? i think there is a lot of positive arguments could you make that they did but when republicans are arguing against it they are not proposing any real structural performance, a lot of rhetoric about tax cut, tax cuts is the solution about everything, cutting corporate tax cuts, what you were talking about with china, not an answer for that i think good you don't bander to voters' fear about imports and about -- about foreign competition, when you don't promise the jobs will come back immediately, kind of what
4:26 pm
republicans are doing though. they are saying if we just keep the bush tax cuts, things easier for investors, things will bounce back immediately no one seriously believes that, that is the position. the political position. >> here is what you know that the tide is moving in such a way in this election, doesn't matter what the republicans say, they can say anything because you look at what they said in that pledge, it was that the real crisis facing this government is long-term debt and let's increase the long-term dealt. >> yeah. >> that really is what the pledge says. >> went reality is the long-term debt is a symptom of the crisis in this country, which is the corrupt government and the bribed -- legally bribed congress what ever. >> whatever the real issue is, again, identified the problem and say how are they going to make it worse. that tells you again, people aren't listening to the fine print in this. >> right now, they are running against democrats by saying they cut medicare, want to cut medicare. republicans historically are not
4:27 pm
concerned with that. they want to balance the budgets, they will have to cut medicare. a democrat will say he wants to increase the deficit, then hit him by saying he cut $500 billion from medicare and then hit him for saying he doesn't want tax cuts, all that costs money. promise the same unicorns barack obama promised, different color unicorns but the same level. >> a swroek circulating around here, the only difference between a donkey and an elephant is the size of their ass. am i allowed to say this on tv? i did. i thank you both. up next, a new segment called follow the money with our lobbyist on k street, jimmy williams, details, i assure you, you will not hear anywhere else about how washington, d.c. actually functions, including the nature of the truffle oil you might find on yourburger at charlie palmer's while bankrolling a politician from
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>> follow the money. >> what do you mean? where? >> oh, i can't tell you that. >> but you could tell me that. >> i will keep you in the right direction, if i can. but that's all. just follow the money. >> follow the money indeed. today, we are launching a new segment examining one of the most destructive forces at work in our political process, special interest dollars influencing laws and bankrolling candidates, frequently in secret and through incredible manipulation. in just a minute, the secrets of a lobbyist who actually works to change laws for companies who pay him. he tends to work in public, but first, a little background. forget working at the capitol. right now, with less than five weeks until the midterm terms, lawmakers with working room for
4:32 pm
cash, morning, noon and night to dole with things like, i don't know, china, joblessness in america, trade deficit, overexpenditure on a list of things that are mind boggling, or the fact that 70% of all government data is not actually even validated, because it is party time, you know? washington hopping with a crush of fund-raisers in fact, from beer and baseball at nationals park to steak dinners at charlie palmer's, bourbon tastings,maker's mark, top man in the house. all part of the big 2010 money grab. some 400 fund-raisers in this two-week period who cares if the data is no good? dozens more expected in the next couple of weeks. take a look at the spread sheet here, shows the packed fund-raising schedule at just one italian restaurant in d.c. tonight. lei, who doesn't like a $5,000 plight of spaghetti. what is interesting, you take a closer look at the parties
4:33 pm
today, all joking aside, democratic representative charles wilson, for example, not picking on him, quite honestly this is par for the course but congressman wilson represents ohio's sixth district, works, thee rhett dloirks represent the people of ohio. yet he is glad handing for cash all the way over here, 500 to 2500 bucks could have gotten you breakfast at the capitol hill hotspot, art and soul restaurant, this morning, in wilson's name, and like i said, that is typical, lawmakers know where to get the most cash and tends not to be from those who are their constituents. that is a problem no? in fact there is a whole world going on in d.c. that most of us know nothing about but lucky for us, our next guest does and he has the courage to describe it to us, something we are all benefits from. joining us now, registered lobbyist and lawyer, jimmy williams. mr. williams, a pleasure to see you, sir. give us a little bit of color. from what i've been reading, it sounds like maybe i should come
4:34 pm
down to d.c. and join the party circuit. >> dylan, i wouldn't do that if i were you, plenty parties in new york probably far better and for more entertaining. i can promise you that. >> how does this actually work? if you were to take me out on the town for the night and i was to be with you as a lobbyist, are we actually writing checks at these parties to politicians and if we are writing checks, who is writing the checks and where is the money coming from? >> the great news is that everybody is writing a check. what is the old cranberry song, everybody else is doing it so why shouldn't we? it is a bad system. and it has got to stop. and first of all, let me go back and correct something, i'm not a lawyer, i'm just a lobbyist and this's it but i'm a good lob best in my opinion and i thank you lot of other people's opinions because i just try to tell members the truth about what my client's needs are. i do write checks? yes, i write checks, i will write a bunch of checks this yeek because that's what you do in this city. people don't go home and raise money.
4:35 pm
they raise money here. i will go to three different receptions tonight. i will write a check for three different receptions tonight. that is money i will have to spend just tonight, i will have bad food, bad drinks and i will go home and sleep next to my dog, sway far cleaner thing, far cleaner profession than doing this. then why will you write those checks? >> you write those checks because that is the price of playing in politics in washington today. by the way it is not today. you just played the clip from "all the president's men" the only thing missing there was a bad suit and a cigarette. this is a system that has to stop. money is so invasive in every single thing that we do in this city. the nbc/"wall street journal" poll came out today, asked the tea party folks to respond, people that align themselves with the tea party, 73% of folks that align themselves with the tea party, conservative, right,
4:36 pm
said that special interest money corrupts the system. so, if that is the case, if 73% of the conservative american people think that money corrupts the system, get it out, get rid of it take it out of the system right now and let policy play against policy. that's real washington, in my opinion. >> but the reality is it's going the exact opposite direction, if my conversations with you are any indication and what i read in the newspapers are any indication, particularly with these so-called super pacs, where there is more money than ever. is that right? >> 36 what is a super pac? be honest about it, not a president obama at all, a pac is a political action committee. a super pac is nothing more than a special interest committee that spends money. where does the money come from? it comes from corporate america it comes from individuals. the difference between me writing a check for the three events that i will go to tonight, which is my cash, my money that i earned as a taxpayer, the difference between my money and their money is they can give unlimited amounts
4:37 pm
because the supreme court of the united states ruled in the citizens united case that corporations have the same rights as individuals, so, a corporation under the constitution so according to the supreme court, the same person as me, they get to write an unlimited amount of money, a check to any to have these "super pacs or" or 527s what ever they want and that money disappears into a big, black hole. my money, i have to report it. i have to report it twice a year. i have to put that into register as a lobbyist, these people don't have to register as lobbyists, they have to report their income and donations to the irs and if they don't, they pay a small penalty. so what? most of them don't even pay it, don't report they just pay the penalty. i have to report. so if the court is saying that a corporation is a person, then why shouldn't they have to play by the same exact rules that i have to play by and that's completely 100% a loophole and it should be closed. max baucus is the chairman of
4:38 pm
the senate finance committee. he issued letter today to the commissioner of the irs questioning not republican groups but every super pac and 527 and 501 c 3, 50 to 1 c 4, 5 and 6, saying to the irs, go and investigate who these people are, where their money is coming from and if, in fact, they are breaking laut and then once theism rs comes back with a report, the congress will then have hearings on this. unfortunately it will be way after the elections it is a day late you not a dollar short, way more than that. >> almost run the clock on this thing, jimmy, but what you are describing really harkins back to the mellon and carnegie and rockefeller using their money in secret to completely control the u.s. government or largely control the u.s. government. are you saying corporations, while they may be people, not people, up like a person, like yourself whenever somebody think about the job you have, at least tough disclose where your money
4:39 pm
is spent, the corporations are able to spend invin knit amounts of money and don't have to disclose, even though they are -- almost better than being a person? >> that is correct. why be a person when you can be something like that or labor union or trade association or any of those entities and you can just funnel money into a big black hole and you don't have to report? every cab i take, every check i write, every meal i have, every single bit of that -- >> complete invision of my privacy and my career. i'm willing to do it to show that actually i play by the rules. jack abramoff didn't play by the rule, by the way, what happened to jack abramoff? i would like to see the irs go after these folks that includes the labor unions, the not for profits actually out there getting these checks. they are not profiting by them but spending them on political advertisements. they are saying vote for or vote against someone that should not be the case. transparency is the short-term fix if. the long-term fix, get money out of politics and go to federally
4:40 pm
financed elections. if 180 million people file taxes in 2008, everyone one of those people paid $4 give every single member of congress, every senator and the president of the united states $1 million per cycle, per cycle, to run on. four bucks equals $1 million to run ads. i want to say this i know your reasoning for time but let's be honest about this who in the end, your guys up there, in your office building aren't going to like this very much, i will be blunt about it i like to be blunt if we go to federally financed election, whoth in end who is it going to hurt the most? it is going to hurt the tv stakes and the networks because that ad money is going to disappear and vanish in thin air and then what are they going to do for revenue? >> they might actually have to provide valuable information and analysis and create an audience which is a harder thing to do. i cannot -- i cannot tell you
4:41 pm
how much i appreciate not only you coming on but your candor, before i let you go, jimmy, what you say is so alarming and concerning and it is understandable that you say what you say, somebody watching this program wants to address their energy, they have been informed by you and they want to direct that energy to address the specific loophole that is corporation spending money, unlimited, in secret, unlike a how many lobbyist, which may be offensive to come but the very least, you can see the person, where do you direct your attention? >> call your member of congress, call your senator, call the white house, call the chamber of commerce, call emily's list. if you're a member of a labor union, call your labor union. call your elected representatives and the people that represent you, both publicly and privately and say to them, i don't want a single penny of my money -- by the way, if our shareholder of a publicly traded corporation and you don't know that your corporation is spending tens of millions of dollars to go into these black holes, i can guarantee you, i bet you they are. call your publicly -- your
4:42 pm
officials an let them know that this is not okay to. there's got to be a solution to this. >> jimmy williams, following the money for a living and helping us do it, too. hopefully to the benefit of this country and to the diminishment of money's influence on this country. i can't thank you enough for, again, the courage to come out and share these stories with us so that we can begin this process. thank you, jimmy. >> thanks, dylan. >> jimmy williams out of dc. still ahead on the "dr show," none of the above, more signs that americans want more choices when it comes to video ho they vote for and how they vote. should be able to vote against a candidate you do not want in office without being forced to vote for a candidate you also don't want in office? seems kind of rational, right? but first, boys and toys -- or boys with their toys, i should say the military industrial complex working on a real-life iron man. we will be right back. trust me. trust me. ya i like that. trust me.
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>> come on! ♪ >> the defense industry taking a cue from hollywood, specifically ironman and transformers to create tech noll for our troops like the exoskeleton developed by raytheon, the xos 2. don the suit, add 200-pound loads, they seem light as a feather, because of the hydraulics, frail mortal power transformed into super human strength. soldier does have it in as little as five years time that is not enough to take out the bad guys, whoever they may be, muss loifrms terrorists or your neighbor or whatever, the engineers at dar pa are trying to take humvees into the future, too. next generation of armored vehicles might look more like a humvee helicopter mashup, designed to allow a vehicle
4:47 pm
under fire literally to leap into the sky. the only good thing having a military complex that silently controls a good chunk of our government while perpetuating destruction and the world, you get some cool stuff. you know? still ahead, none of the above what do you do when you don't like either candidate from the two big parties? is it time to roll out against line on american ballots so we can start tossing all of these crooks, not just switching crooks? new double stuf oreo heads or tails. let's practice.
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welcome back. we are back with a new sign of the growing dissatisfaction understandable voters have with both parties in this country. i don't know y san francisco chronicle refusing to endorse democratic senator barbara boxer or republican rival, carly fiorina a newspaper after my own heart. the paper blasting boxer for her "uninspired representation." the paper stays is a dismal choice between an ineffective advocate for cause wes generally support and potentially strong advocate for position wes oppose. neither merits our endorsement. hear hear. when faced with two candidates and neither one is appealing is it time for the against line in the monopoly that is the american primary system, if you can't toss harry reid without putting in someone like sharron angle, do you really have an election or do you just have a tenured politician taking money from special interests while screwing the country? mickey course is a blogger, now
4:52 pm he was senator boxer's primary challenger earlier this year. your thoughts on the against line, mick? >> well that is a very good idea, dylan. they have it in nevada. and the problem in nevada it has never really gotten more than 6% in a major statewide race it beat teddy kennedy and george bush in the 1980 primary. you suggested something more powerful, which is a redo line. so, you -- instead of saying none of the above, you say redore and if redo wins, then both the two candidates are disqualified and they have to nominate another two maybe me serve of two months and then out. that would be very powerful. >> the only barrier to doing that would be the special interests control the primary system to protect the chris dodds a the judd greggs and all the center piece power politicians who never really have a primary challenge, correct, just protecting themselves at our expense am i missing something?
4:53 pm
>> no you are no the people in power now like the system the way it is bus that's what keeps nominating them. barbara boxer, you know, i tried. unless you have a few million dollars, you are not going to make a dent in the democratic party monopoly. they wouldn't let me speak. the press doesn't give you free media. it is just very hard to crack. >> if you were able to walk nat room like the san francisco chronicle did with their editorial, toss barbara boxer toss carly fiorina we demand new candidates, new debate, then a candidate like yourself becomes far more viable, no? >> the second round. problem is nobody knows what i am, but they know what redo is, reset is play again, and so if, you know, that wins, then it's like the schwarzenegger election, 150 new candidates and pick the one we want. >> interesting comment from thomas friedman today in the "new york times." he says debt and blow and-to-government are symptoms, not causes, i couldn't agree more, symptoms of a country in a
4:54 pm
state of incremental decline, losing its competitive edge because our politics has become just another form of sports entertainment, our congress a farm of legalized by berry and our main lawmakering institutions divided by toxic partisanship to the point of paralysis. do you see a way forward not the against line but some other solution here that is achievable that is doable? the only thing i can see, if you have a big enough web campaign, raise money from little donors and go up against the big corporation and big lob business. ment that is the only good thing i see for the future. >> argument he received a lot of money from small donors, almost all of the money came from huge donor, most notably goldman sachs and british petroleum. because i got people to give me $2 doesn't mean i didn't take most my money from goldman. >> he didn't do it in the
4:55 pm
future, somebody will, somebody very charismatic with power in the grassroots will be able to use the web to raise money. >> thanks for sharing the conversation and your insights with us, mickey. mickey kaus, out of "newsweek," one of the pro mary challenge he isser for barbara boxer. please just have the against line there, people. we know both of the politics are bought and paid for trying to screw us and yet -- coming up on "hardball," chris matthews, traveling with bill clinton in ireland, special one-on-one from dublin with bill. first, another battle cry from the job wars, hearing from a man who made a bold change in order to find a job. did his strategy pay off? after this. maybe you want to red homes for those in need? or, maybe you want to help improve our schools? whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate for the causes you believe in
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wrap things up today with another story from the frontlines of the job wars. today, the dr show heard from a former warehouse supervisor, went become to school, got a degree in engineering but still cannot find work. take a listen. >> looking for work since last december to try to come out of school with a job. >> too many stories just like that. the more you share, the more we can share and organize our alliance in these job wars, please, share your stories by going


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